Selling Agricultural Land for Development: Essential Factors to Consider

Farmland is highly valuable to agricultural businesses, but many people are selling their land for development purposes. To sell agricultural land successfully, it’s crucial to understand the process, which is where external help can be valuable.

Before selling land for development, it is crucial to consider whether or not the land is suitable, especially in terms of location and potential impact on natural areas. You should seek specialist advice from a planning consultant and agricultural solicitor to assess the suitability of the land and explore transaction structures involving obtaining planning permission.

Selling agricultural land for development requires consideration of several factors. These include registering the land, determining access to the property, access to utilities, understanding occupational interests, creating a sales pack with comprehensive information, tax implications, and part-sales. Agricultural ties or Agricultural Occupancy Conditions must also be considered if the land is to be sold for purely residential use. It is advisable to seek guidance from a specialist agricultural solicitor to facilitate the planning and sales process.

There are four options for selling land for development: Options Agreements, Conditional Contracts, Promotions Agreements, and Obtaining Planning Permission Yourself. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages, and a solicitor can help determine which option is the best for a particular circumstance. It is important to secure the correct legal advice and get help from a full-service law firm to address all relevant issues and reduce the likelihood of problems arising later.

Thursfields is a full-service law firm with experience in selling agricultural land for development. The firm’s agricultural team can provide comprehensive services to handle a wide range of issues, from tax and succession planning to disputes. If you are looking to sell farmland for development, get in touch today on 0345 20 73 72 8 or read our insight on Selling Land for Development Guide | Insight | Thursfields Law Firm.

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