Considering Divorce?

Relationship breakdowns are a very difficult time for anyone involved. They can lead to thoughts of divorce or separation and the arrangements that may need to be put into place.

As pressures in relationships build, you may find yourself in a position of considering divorce, but you are unsure on how to get the process started or even if this is the right step to take. This is when divorce lawyers are able to help you.

The Need for a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyers are highly trained specialists in all things family related. They take time to give you the best advice on the process of divorce and what that will involve for you. Proceedings can include financial agreements, asset division and child arrangements. All of these can be decided in a civil manner through your lawyers without the need for court intervention.

How Divorce Lawyers Help You

The role of a divorce lawyer is to take you through every stage of the divorce process, starting with advice. Our expert lawyers will take time to sit with you and understand your personal circumstances to understand how best to advise you.

Our divorce lawyers will begin the process for you by filing all necessary paperwork. They will take the time to explain the process and how each stage works. Where there are elements needed from you, our team will also guide you through this and ensure you provide all necessary information correctly.

At the stage where agreements need to be made, lawyers will do everything they can to secure these outside of court. Agreements can include asset division, financial arrangements and any child arrangements that may be necessary. Should there be a need to take this stage to court, our highly skilled lawyers will present your case on your behalf and explain all outcomes to you.

At Thursfields, our divorce lawyers are here for you, no matter the circumstance.

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If you are thinking about divorce and need some advice before taking any further steps, please contact Thursfields today. Our Family Law team are highly specialised in all divorce proceedings, dispute resolution and the necessary arrangements made during divorce proceedings.

We are here to help guide and support you from the beginning of your thought process, through to receiving the final Decree Absolute.

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