2018 – A New Year of possibilities

The new year signifies a new start, new beginnings and provides us with time to assess our current and future goals and ambitions. At this time of the year, life decisions are contemplated and changes are inevitably made around health, wellbeing and career direction. For some, the new year provides an opportunity to reflect on existing relationships and make decisions about the future.

It is not surprising therefore that divorce enquiries increase in the weeks following the Christmas break. Research by Google Trends shows January 2016 and January 2012 as the two most popular months for divorce searches in the last decade. Recent data provides that 2017 will be another record year with the divorce support service Amicable reporting that more than 40,500 people will search “divorce” online in January alone.

As we know, relationships do not just come to an end as a result of the time of year. Issues that have been building for some time are typically put on hold during the months prior to the holidays on account of family time, financial pressures and time restraints. The new year provides an opportunity to look to the year ahead and make necessary relationship changes. As a consequence this may mean that separation and/or divorce/dissolution be entered into. The next step would be for you to seek advice from a friendly family solicitor.

How can we help you?

At Thursfields, we understand that family matters can be extremely complicated, diverse and there are often sensitive issues surrounding relationships, children and finances to be considered. We believe that separation, divorce/dissolution doesn’t need to be acrimonious or costly. We provide tailored advice to each of our clients whatever their legal needs.

At an initial consultation meeting, your solicitor will consider your unique situation, and provide you with clear, concise advice and options to enable you to move forward. We offer a competitive fixed fee for advising and assisting you through a separation and/or divorce/dissolution procedure and can provide transparent estimations for other work that we undertake.

At Thursfields, whilst we are sensitive enough to understand that divorce is emotionally challenging, we believe that we can help you to ultimately see separation as the possibility for a new start and a happier future.

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