One of the most complex and stressful aspects of any divorce is reaching a financial settlement that works for everyone. We’ll work with you to negotiate a fair outcome that will bring peace of mind while securing your financial future.

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Divorce Financial Settlements Services

There are many factors to take into account when looking to reach a financial settlement on divorce. At Thursfields, our solicitors aim to find an outcome that works for everybody, putting the family first. Our services include:

  • Consent orders
  • Clean break settlements
  • Maintenance (child and spousal)
  • Pension sharing
  • Family homes
  • Division of debts
  • Family businesses

Our divorce financial settlement solicitors are on hand to help you reach an amicable resolution, ideally without the need to go to court. Whatever your circumstances, we’ve got the experience to help.

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Divorce Financial Settlement Advice

Even during the most amicable of circumstances, reaching a financial settlement on divorce that works for all parties can feel daunting. Perhaps you have children, joint savings, shares, or financial interests that preceded the marriage. Similarly, you might have a shared mortgage, property portfolio, pension scheme, or inheritance to consider. You might not even be sure what assets, or debts, your spouse has accrued. We provide tailored and practical legal advice to guide you towards a suitable settlement.

We know that the welfare of your family comes first, so our divorce financial settlement solicitors will look to reach an informal agreement over child support and welfare before formalising this in a consent order.

Thursfields can help to untangle even the most complex cases of shared finances. We work tirelessly on your behalf to negotiate a fair outcome that secures your monetary prospects.

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Shane Miller

Shane Miller

Director & Head of Family Law

A highly-motivated and driven lawyer, Shane specialises in complex financial disputes, matters involving children, living arrangements, wealth protection, and pre/post nuptial agreements.

Recognised by the Legal 500, Shane prides herself in taking a robust but practical approach that delivers a first class service that her clients can rely upon. Her leadership has led the Thursfields Family team to be regarded as a top tier legal department in the Legal 500 rankings.


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Divorce Financial Settlements

Tailored to Suit You

Every financial settlement is unique. Thursfields will invest time getting to know your shared financial situation, which allows us to give appropriate guidance and set realistic expectations. We draw upon our extensive experience of divorce settlements to determine the right approach for you.

We assist with interim settlements, information gathering, asset valuations, financial disclosure, and more. Our overarching principle is that open dialogue and transparency are essential to reaching a satisfactory resolution for all parties. We know that an amicable approach is the likeliest path to reaching a mutually-satisfactory agreement and we put the welfare of both you and your family at the heart of this strategy.

Our divorce financial settlement solicitors will use their considerable expertise to adapt to your personal circumstances. We look to minimise stress, timescales, and costs by reaching consensus through collaboration, wherever possible. No matter how complex your situation might appear, we can help to simplify the process and protect your financial interests.

Clear Advice That Helps You Plan Ahead

Reaching a financial settlement on divorce makes it easier to achieve peace of mind and move on with your life. If you’re going through a divorce or separation, this might be a good time to receive advice that helps you prepare for possible challenges ahead. Thursfields can help you amend a Will, change powers of attorney, plan for inheritance tax, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

A financial settlement on divorce is a legal agreement between two parties that makes clear the division of assets upon the dissolution of a marriage. Matrimonial assets listed in a financial settlement typically include such things as:

  • Savings
  • Properties
  • Vehicles
  • Pension schemes
  • Life insurance policies
  • Businesses
  • Details of child support payments
  • Spousal maintenance payments

While it is not advisable, you can divorce without a financial settlement. It is best practice to reach a financial settlement before, or during the divorce process. If you don’t reach a financial settlement, your former spouse could claim a share of subsequently gained assets or finances at any point after the divorce is finalised.

A fair financial settlement is generally assumed to mean an equal split on any monies or assets accrued by both parties during matrimony. However, the concept of fairness makes the reality of financial settlements more complex. For example, it’s common for one party to claim a greater proportion of total assets if they believe they’ve invested more of ‘their’ money. 

In short, there is no hard and fast rule to determine what constitutes a fair financial settlement, so this will need to be agreed by both parties. Specialist divorce settlement solicitors can help you ensure your interests are protected and that you walk away with what you deserve.

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