Buying land for development is ever more complex. With proactive and comprehensive legal advice, you can understand the challenges and devise practical solutions.

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Our Land Development Services

The Thursfields team can assist with all aspects of buying land for development, including:

  • Promotion Agreements
  • Farm business tenancies
  • Conditional contracts
  • Overage/Claw Back Agreements
  • Option Agreements
  • Site acquisition and disposal
  • Land assemblies
  • Infrastructure agreements
  • S106 agreements
  • CIL liabilities
  • Exclusivity/Lock Out Agreements

If you’re looking for reliable advice to help you make informed decisions, get in touch with our team of land development solicitors today.

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Comprehensive Land Development Advice

From initial negotiations to completion and plot sales, choosing the right representation is crucial.

With a wealth of experience working with investors, housebuilders, and developers, our land development solicitors are here to help.

We advise major developers and smaller investors to successfully navigate the process and achieve their objectives.

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Commercial Real Estate Team

Whatever you’re looking to achieve, whatever your circumstances, our team is dedicated to delivering your required result.

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Tony Gibb

Director & Head of Commercial Real Estate

The head of Thursfields’ commercial real estate team, Tony represents the interests of a wide range of clients. He specialises in areas such as the purchase, sale, and letting of commercial property, to refinancing options such as bridging loans and promotion agreements for strategic land.

A pragmatic and forward-thinking solicitor, Tony always approaches his work with a commercially-focused attitude that clients find invaluable. He is particularly interested in the motor industry and regularly acts for both franchisees and independent traders.


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Land Development Advice

Tailored to You

When buying land for development, you need to undertake due diligence to ensure your best interests are protected and goals are achievable.

We recommend you seek specialist advice at the earliest opportunity — giving you ample time to assess whether the structure of a transaction is likely to be beneficial. Deciding between an outright purchase, option agreement, or conditional contract can be an important decision — so you can be certain you have all the details you need to make informed choices.

Using our industry knowledge, we can anticipate the challenges you’ll face and devise a solution. Contact Thursfields’ land development lawyers to discuss your project.

A Range of Services For Your Business

If you’re interested in buying land for development, there are many different factors your business needs to take into account — such as commercial contracts and property dispute resolution. We provide a range of corporate and commercial services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Land development broadly deals with any ‘change’ to the landscape. In relation to property, the term is used to mean the sale or purchase of land with a view to develop and build upon it. It’s also possible to purchase land and hold onto it for a period of time, before selling it on again for a profit.

There are many different ways to source land that’s suitable for development. These range from hiring a specialist agency and visiting auctions, to searching relevant websites and speaking to utility companies who may hold large land banks. Whichever option you choose, it’s important to seek specialist legal advice to ensure the transaction will be in your best interests.

Buying land for development can be a complex process. You first of all need to set a budget and familiarise yourself with the market, before establishing whether planning permission will be needed and ensuring the right surveys are carried out. It’s also important to focus on areas that will yield the best return on investment.

Valuing development land entails taking into account the prices of new builds in the locality, while considering the cost of property in the second hand market. Nearby developments are also researched. The next step is to take the value you arrive at, multiply it by the number of properties to be built, before subtracting costs and a suitable profit allowance.

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