and Redundancy

In today’s rapidly-evolving world of business, sometimes it will be necessary to restructure your operations. Should redundancies be required, specialist legal advice is essential to ensuring compliance with all processes and that the interests of all parties are protected.

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Our Reorganisation and Redundancy Services

Thursfields team of reorganisation and redundancy lawyers are proud to assist businesses and individuals with a variety of vital matters, including:

  • Advising on the redundancy process and consultation obligations
  • Business reorganisation
  • Collective consultation
  • Voluntary redundancies
  • Settlement agreements
  • Bringing/defending unfair dismissal complaints
  • Terms of employment changes
  • Managing unionised workforces

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Reorganisation and Redundancy Legal Advice

When times are challenging for businesses, change may be necessary. If you’re a company that needs to restructure its operations, we’ll advise of the options available so you can be confident you’re making the right decision for your requirements.

Should you decide to reduce your headcount you must ensure compliance with a range of procedures. Seeking pragmatic and clear legal advice is essential to minimising the risk of costly tribunal claims.

If you are an employee being made redundant, and feel that the decision was unfair, or the required procedures were not followed, we will provide honest advice on the validity of your claim and chances of success. Should you decide to proceed, we will seek to resolve your case — or will pursue it via litigation if necessary.

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Reorganisation and Redundancy Lawyers

No matter if you’re a company looking to carry out redundancies and reorganisations, or an individual wishing to make an unfair dismissal claim, our team is here to help.

Key Contact

Jonathon Forrester

Jonathon Forrester

Director & Head of Employment Law

A specialist employment solicitor, Jonathon has extensive experience in working with both employers and employees to resolve workplace disputes across a range of cases — including unfair dismissal, disability discrimination, sex discrimination, age discrimination, TUPE and unlawful deduction of wages. His experience as a former police officer allows him to see the bigger picture and approach issues with a pragmatic and practical view to solving problems.

Jonathon is keen to work with employers to put robust policies and procedures in place from the outset and throughout employment to avoid litigation where possible. He is regularly instructed to draft employment contracts and staff handbooks, and also attends and conducts disciplinary and grievance meetings for his clients. Recognised by the Legal 500, Jonathon is proud of his reputation for being easy to talk to, and providing clients peace of mind that they are making the right decisions.


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Legal Advice

Tailored To You

Thursfields’ team has a wealth of experience in helping businesses navigate the process of making reductions in their workforce and implementing changes to employment contracts.

We have supported everyone from small enterprises to national organisations, including firms with unionised employees. From the outset, we’ll be clear on your available options and offer tailored advice that enables you to make informed decisions.

If you have been affected by redundancy and feel your redundancy wasn’t justified, or that legal procedures weren’t followed, our solicitors will advise on the validity of your claim and guide you to a resolution.

Acting for both employers and employees, our team of reorganisation and redundancy solicitors offer targeted advice to ensure your interests are protected.

Support for a Range of Sectors

It’s common for the sector you operate in to have a bearing on the need to reorganise a company’s operations. You need legal advice from solicitors that have experience in a wide range of industries, so you can be confident you’re receiving a service that’s best placed to suit your requirements. This is where Thursfields can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although it’s not compulsory to consult a solicitor before making redundancies, seeking professional advice can be crucial to ensuring the correct procedures are followed. A solicitor will also be able to examine your unique circumstances and recommend potential alternatives to redundancy that are in line with your goals.

Employers must use a fair and just approach when making redundancies. The correct amount of notice should be given, and all workers must be properly consulted on the plans. A company should also work to find other alternatives to reducing headcount. If these requirements are not met, a firm may find itself open to claims of unfair dismissal.

Sometimes redundancies are necessary when restructuring a company. Perhaps a firm will end up having too many people working on the same projects if they don’t reduce headcount, or a change in focus means a role is no longer necessary. Whatever the reasons for redundancies, it’s important to follow the correct procedures to reduce the risk of unfair dismissal claims.

Unfair redundancy, or unfair dismissal as it’s more commonly known, occurs when a business fails to follow the correct redundancy procedures, or explore other alternatives to reducing headcount such as redeployment. It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure workers are properly consulted and made aware of the reasons for terminating employment — and that the reasons are fair.

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