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The breakdown of a relationship can be an extremely difficult time. If you’re going through a divorce or separation, you’ll need practical advice about issues such as financial arrangements and child support. Thursfields divorce solicitors will support and guide you to ensure the best outcome for you.

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Our Divorce Services

Whatever your personal circumstances, Thursfields’ dedicated divorce solicitors are here to help. Our services include:  

  • No fault divorce
  • Separation agreements
  • Same sex marriages
  • Civil partnerships
  • Financial Orders
  • Child arrangements

Our divorce and separation solicitors are committed to finding a constructive, non-confrontational solution to your situation. We want to achieve the right result for you and your family.

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Divorce Legal Advice

Even if both adults are in agreement over the need to separate, the situation becomes more complicated when finances and children are involved. When it comes to practicalities like child arrangements, child support costs, spousal maintenance, and other financial matters, it’s essential to receive legal advice that takes into account your personal circumstances.

We also provide specialist guidance about pension schemes, personal investments, overseas assets, shared business interests, and separation agreements.

While Thursfields tries to avoid court proceedings, we understand that this isn’t always possible. If your case does go to court, we will help to negotiate the requirements that establish jurisdiction. Thursfields’ team of divorce and separation solicitors offers practical, confidential advice tailored to your needs.

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Divorce & Separation Solicitors

If you’re looking for tailored advice, Thursfields’ expert team of divorce solicitors is here to help.

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Shane Miller

Shane Miller

Director & Head of Family Law

A highly-motivated and driven lawyer, Shane specialises in complex financial disputes, matters involving children, living arrangements, wealth protection, and pre/post nuptial agreements.

Recognised by the Legal 500, Shane prides herself in taking a robust but practical approach that delivers a first class service that her clients can rely upon. Her leadership has led the Thursfields Family team to be regarded as a top tier legal department in the Legal 500 rankings.


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Divorce Solicitors

Thursfields is a member of Resolution, the biggest organisation for family and justice professionals in England and Wales. This means that we’re committed to putting the best interests of the family unit at the centre of any divorce or separation process. We strongly encourage a collaborative, non-conflict approach, as we feel that this is likely to result in a quicker, less stressful outcome for all involved.

Our expert divorce and separation solicitors will present all of the options available to you throughout the process. This will help you to make an informed decision about the best approach to your divorce or separation. Your dedicated lawyer will be on-hand from the initial consultation, and will be available whenever you need them. Thursfields guides clients through the complexities of divorce and separation with empathy and understanding, tailored to ensure the right outcome for you and your family.

Aside from the best interests of children and dependents, one of the most commonly contested aspects of any divorce is future financial arrangements. We’ll help you to reach a settlement regarding monies as smoothly as possible. The final agreement is drafted into a Consent Order, which is legally binding, so it’s essential to secure a fair outcome. Our extensive experience with Consent Orders means our divorce solicitors can offer practical guidance throughout discussions to find a mutual solution that safeguards your financial future.

Helping You Plan for the Future

The onset of a divorce or separation represents an ideal time to start thinking about the future. We can help you amend your will, change powers of attorney, plan for inheritance tax, and much more. Whatever your situation, we offer specialist guidance to help you adapt to changed circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

A divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage or civil partnership. You can only get a divorce or dissolution if you’ve been married or have been in a civil partnership for over a year. If you’ve been in a legal relationship for less than a year, you could consider a settlement agreement until you can legally apply for divorce.

Whatever your circumstances may be, it’s advisable to speak to specialist divorce and separation solicitors at your earliest opportunity. They will undertake a thorough assessment of your situation and recommend the best course of action for you. 

No fault divorce came into effect on 6th April 2022. Since then, separating couples are no longer obliged to provide a specific reason for the breakdown in their relationship. Instead, the relationship is seen as having irretrievably broken down, without the need for ‘blame’ to be attached to either party. This has also resulted in a change in legal language with the Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute now being referred to as, respectively, the Conditional Order and the Final Order. Additionally, if the separation is amicable, it’s now possible for couples to make a joint divorce application.

Since the introduction of the no fault divorce in early 2022, it’s no longer necessary for applicants to give reasons for a divorce. Previously, the five grounds for divorce were:

  • Adultery
  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • Desertion
  • Two years’ separation with consent
  • Five years’ separation without consent

There is no legal requirement for you to hire, or take advice from divorce solicitors. However, factors such as child arrangements, shared investments, and financial settlements can be complex and emotive areas for anyone, particularly for those who choose not to take specialist legal advice.

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Whether you’re looking for an amicable dissolution of a civil partnership, or are expecting a complex divorce, our experienced divorce and separation solicitors are ready to help.