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If you’re entering into a marriage or civil partnership, it’s important to consider protecting any assets you’ve brought into the relationship. Pre and post nuptial agreements can make clear the division of pre-acquired assets and ensure that both sides can move on with clarity in the event of divorce or separation.

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Our Pre and Post Nuptial Agreement Services

Thursfields’ wealth protection solicitors are proud to offer a range of legal services designed to support anyone entering into marriage or civil partnership. These include:

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Postnuptial agreements (after marriage)
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Trusts
  • Tax planning

Whatever your personal circumstances, we have the experience and expertise to safeguard your financial future.

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Clear Advice on Nuptial Agreements

Increasingly recognised during post-separation legal disputes, pre and post nuptial agreements represent the surest way for you to preserve possessions, investments and finances in the years to come.

Our specialist wealth protection solicitors offer practical legal advice to protect your best interests. Whether you’re looking to protect pre-acquired assets, maintain ownership of the family business, or safeguard a child’s trust fund, we can advise on your objective.

We know that circumstances vary from relationship to relationship, so provide targeted advice that makes clear all of your available options.

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Wealth Protection Solicitors

If you’re looking for tailored advice about how pre and postnuptial agreements could protect your wealth, Thursfields’ expert team of solicitors is here to help.

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Shane Miller

Shane Miller

Director & Head of Family Law

A highly-motivated and driven lawyer, Shane specialises in complex financial disputes, matters involving children, living arrangements, wealth protection, and pre/post nuptial agreements.

Recognised by the Legal 500, Shane prides herself in taking a robust but practical approach that delivers a first class service that her clients can rely upon. Her leadership has led the Thursfields Family team to be regarded as a top tier legal department in the Legal 500 rankings.


Do you want more information about the benefits of pre and post nuptial agreements? Get in touch with one of our specialist wealth protection solicitors today.

Tailored Advice From

Specialist Wealth Protection Solicitors

Pre and post nuptial agreements are becoming increasingly accepted under UK law. Wealth protection measures such as this are commonly used to preserve inherited money, properties, business interests, and assets. Whatever your circumstances, if you’re considering marriage or civil partnership, it’s important to take advice that’s tailored to you and your situation.

Thursfields’ team of specialist wealth protection solicitors can help to dispel some of the most common misconceptions while assisting in drawing up an agreement that clarifies the arrangement of finances, property, and children, in the event of separation.

Working within recommended guidelines, we’ll work towards a technically-sound agreement that is right for your particular circumstances. We have broad experience across a wide range of family backgrounds. This means we’re equally adept at helping couples with multiple properties and high volume assets as well as those with less assets and a single property. No matter what your situation might be, we’ll work tirelessly to protect what is important to you.

Helping You Plan for the Future

Pre and postnuptial agreements are important aspects of wealth protection that help to minimise the uncertainty of the future. If you’re planning ahead, you might be interested in other essential forms of wealth protection, such as writing a will, appointing powers of attorney, or planning for inheritance tax. Whatever your situation, we offer specialist guidance to help you adapt to changed circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

A prenuptial agreement is a contract entered into before marriage or civil partnership. The agreement makes clear what will happen to money, assets, property etc, in the event that the relationship is legally ended.

A postnuptial agreement is essentially the same as a prenuptial agreement. The only difference is that it is entered into by both parties after the marriage or civil partnership has begun and not before.

No, nuptial agreements are not legally-binding. However, if they are fair, transparent and entered into willingly by both parties, they are commonly upheld by the courts.

There are numerous ways to protect your assets from divorce, including:

  • Prenuptial agreements: To be agreed before a marriage or civil partnership.
  • Postnuptial agreements: To be agreed during the marriage or partnership.
  • A well-drafted loan agreement: To clearly establish the terms of a financial loan.
  • A trust, for children or dependents: To secure any assets intended for children.

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Whether you’re looking to protect pre-acquired assets, or want to safeguard your child’s inheritance, our pre and post nuptial agreement solicitors are here to help.