Financial disputes can be highly intricate and involve extremely large sums of money. The amount of legislation involved can also make resolving these disagreements complicated. Clear and proactive legal advice is necessary to facilitate an outcome that keeps your interests protected.

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Our Financial Dispute Resolution Services

Our financial dispute solicitors are adept at handling a wide range of matters, including: 

  • Facility agreements
  • Security and guarantees
  • Breach of mandate and authorised push payment fraud
  • Mis-selling of financial products
  • Recovery action by lenders
  • Money paid to another party by accident
  • Funds sent in anticipation of a contract

Whatever the nature of your dispute may be, you can rely on us to deliver your desired results.

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Robust Support for Financial Disputes

The effect of a financial dispute on businesses can be severe. A great deal of time and money will have been invested in the transaction, making the need to reach a swift resolution all the more vital.

Our financial disputes solicitors are adept at handling a wide range of matters and have represented clients both large and small, from all areas of industry. We’ve acted on cases worth millions of pounds and our involvement has often been instrumental in securing a positive outcome.

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Financial Dispute Solicitors

Whatever your issue, our team has a wealth of experience with financial dispute resolution and can help bring your case to a satisfactory conclusion.

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Philip Chapman

Director, Corporate

An experienced corporate lawyer, Philip has a background providing advice on matters including mergers & acquisitions, company restructuring, cross border joint ventures, investment arrangements, commercial contracts, terms & conditions and shareholder agreements. 

Proactive and practical, Philip’s work has a strong international focus — thanks to his roles within multinational organisations. He has been appointed Notary Public and is also an accredited CEDR Mediator.


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Financial Dispute Advice

Unique to You

No two financial disputes are ever the same. Each transaction will have unique components to take into account, while even the sector you operate in can have an effect on proceedings.

Thursfields’ financial dispute resolution solicitors will gain a thorough understanding of your circumstances. We’ll then use our breadth of expertise to support you through the entire process, minimise the risks to your company, and help you maintain key relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

We work with clients from a range of disciplines, including those from corporate finance, banks, and insurance backgrounds. Our solicitors have represented everyone from SMEs and large national organisations to individuals. We are dedicated to delivering a resolution that achieves your goals.

Support for a Range of Sectors

It is often the case that your industry can present unique challenges for your business when attempting to resolve financial disputes. Our team is experienced in a range of sectors including agricultural, technology, manufacturing and retail, making us perfectly placed to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

A financial dispute is a disagreement between two or more parties relating to a transaction. Examples include breaches of mandates, mis-selling, and the sending of money to a third party in error. These situations can often be expensive and complicated to resolve, making the involvement of an experienced solicitor vital.

The final cost to resolve a financial dispute depends on several factors. These include the unique circumstances of the transaction in question, and whether or not the situation can be resolved via mediation. Working with a specialist law firm can also help reduce costs, as they’ll take care of the process for you and remove the possibility of making errors.

There is no exact timeframe to resolve a financial dispute, as those able to be settled via mediation will naturally conclude faster than those requiring the intervention of the courts. How quickly you involve a solicitor can also have an impact, as seeking legal advice at the earliest opportunity will streamline the process and limit disruptions.

How a financial dispute progresses depends largely on the unique circumstances of each transaction. The first step will likely be to seek an amicable resolution via mediation, as this is the most cost-effective and timely way to settle the disagreement. If this is not possible, both parties will go to litigation and let the courts decide the outcome.

Our team of financial dispute resolution solicitors will always seek to utilise the mediation process and has achieved considerable successes in doing so. Our priority is to achieve a smooth outcome that minimises risk and achieves your desired results.

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