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Shareholder and partnership disputes are often difficult and complex to navigate. Given they are the result of a breakdown in trust, a swift and pragmatic solution is required to minimise disruption to your company.

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Our Dispute Resolution Services

Partnership and shareholder disputes can vary in nature and complexity, so it’s important to seek comprehensive legal advice. Our services include:

  • Breach of partnership or shareholder agreement
  • Directors’ duties and responsibilities
  • Unfair prejudice claims
  • Derivative actions
  • Just and equitable winding up
  • Partnership dissolution
  • Malfeasance claims
  • Share purchase agreements

Whichever side of a dispute you’re on, our team of solicitors will be with you every step of the way to reach a satisfactory resolution.

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Proactive Partnership & Shareholder Dispute Advice

Partnership and shareholder disputes can be acrimonious and highly contentious. We have extensive experience representing companies from small privately-owned enterprises to large national PLCs and LLPs, acting for shareholders, directors, and partners.

Thursfields’ team of shareholder and partnership dispute solicitors have a proven track record of resolving disagreements with a minimal amount of disruption. Our technical expertise combined with a pragmatic and focused approach is often crucial in reaching a satisfactory outcome.

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Partnership & Shareholder Dispute Solicitors

Whatever your issue may be, our team has a wealth of experience in resolving disputes between shareholders and business partners. Whoever you are, we can help.

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Philip Chapman

Director, Corprate

An experienced corporate lawyer, Philip has a background providing advice on matters including mergers & acquisitions, company restructuring, cross border joint ventures, investment arrangements, commercial contracts, terms & conditions and shareholder agreements. 

Proactive and practical, Philip’s work has a strong international focus — thanks to his roles within multinational organisations. He has been appointed Notary Public and is also an accredited CEDR Mediator.


If you’d like to know more about how we help with resolving shareholder disputes, contact our team today.

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Tailored Support

Those involved in partnership and shareholder disputes are often unsure about their legal standpoint, but nevertheless will have a clear view of what they believe is right and what they want to achieve. Proactive advice is required to reach an effective resolution while keeping your best interests and primary objectives first. This is exactly what Thursfields provides.

Our partnership and shareholder dispute solicitors are adept at reviewing the evidence of your case and providing a specialist opinion of where you stand. Providing much-needed peace of mind.

Regardless of if a solution can be reached through mediation alone or litigation is required, we’ll robustly defend your interests to bring about a satisfactory resolution to your dispute.

Advice for a Range of Sectors

Often the industry you operate in will have an effect on partnership and shareholder disputes. It’s therefore important to seek legal advice that understands the unique challenges and opportunities facing your business. Our team has in-depth knowledge of a wide range of sectors, making us perfectly placed to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shareholder and partnership disputes vary greatly in nature. They can range from unfair prejudice and breaches of agreements, to malfeasance claims and issues regarding the winding up of a company. Whatever the situation, clear and proactive legal advice is required to achieve a satisfactory outcome that protects the interests of the company.

It’s beneficial to take a conciliatory approach when resolving shareholder disputes and partnership disagreements. This is because reaching an amicable solution is the most cost-effective and efficient way to bring the situation to a conclusion. If mediation fails, the parties involved may need to go to court to settle their differences. Specialist solicitors can help with all of this.

Although it’s definitely possible to settle partnership and shareholder disputes without needing to seek legal advice, the potential consequences of making a wrong move can be vast and damaging for your business. This is due to the often complex nature of the disagreement and the level of animosity that will sometimes exist between the parties.

Approaching a solicitor will provide you with the benefit of an independent viewpoint that can offer some much-needed clarity while guiding you throughout the process. A specialist law firm will be there to bring the matter to a swift resolution while minimising the damage to your business.

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