Daniel Tetsell

Chartered Legal Executive, Commercial Litigation

About Daniel

Daniel’s career is marked by a unique blend of legal expertise and public service, making him a versatile professional capable of addressing complex challenges with innovative solutions. Since 2009, he has operated in both in-house and private practice roles, handling a wide variety of commercial litigation disputes. 

In addition to his accomplishments in the legal sector, Daniel is also a serving police officer with West Midlands Police. His decision to join the force was driven by a desire to make a tangible difference in his community by ensuring public safety and security. He has completed an extensive and detailed training programme with West Midlands Police, which has equipped him with a wide range of skills which assist in his approach to representing his clients.

Daniel is known for his tailored and proactive approach, assisting clients with everything from advising in meetings to drafting court documents or correspondence, through to legal representation in court.

Areas of Expertise

  • Contract & agency disputes
  • Consumer rights
  • Supply of goods & service disputes
  • Enforcement of County Court Judgments
  • Bringing or defending defamation claims
  • Conflict resolution
  • Investigation
  • Evidence gathering

How Daniel Can Help

Daniel’s unique combination of legal expertise and police training makes him a multifaceted professional capable of addressing challenges with a balanced approach that incorporates both legal solutions and a deep understanding of the stress faced by legal matters. 

His commitment to public service and community safety, along with his skills in commercial/civil litigation, positions him as a valuable asset to any client aiming to leverage legal expertise with a blend of professional and expert understanding of conflict resolution. 

Whether using his skills as a police officer or as a lawyer, his aim is always to achieve an outcome which meets their needs.