Negotiating severance agreements for senior executives can be risky for employers. Specialist legal advice is necessary to navigate the often-complex process and ensure an orderly, amicable exit from a company, or reach a successful resolution if the departure was contentious.

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Our Senior Executive Severance Services

Due to the additional legal protections and the existence of business and share options, executive severance packages can be tricky to negotiate. We have a wealth of experience in a range of relevant matters, including:

  • Settlement agreement advice
  • Negotiating exit plans
  • Advice on enforcing post-termination restrictions
  • Negotiating severance agreements and packages 
  • Bonus arrangements
  • Good and bad leaver provisions
  • Negotiating the scope of restrictive covenants on exit
  • Defence/representation at employment tribunals
  • Contractual disputes

Whether you’re an employer or individual involved in senior executive severance matters, our team is dedicated to delivering your desired results.

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Targeted Executive Severance Support

The exit of senior executives can be a process full of unique complexities and challenges. Comprehensive and focused legal advice is necessary to manage the process — whether it is amicable or contentious.

Should you wish to negotiate the exit of an employee, we provide a strategic approach that ensures your obligations are met and your business is protected from further action. Our solicitors pride themselves on their ability to reach settlements without risking potentially disruptive and costly disputes.

If you are a senior executive who believes they have been unfairly or incorrectly dismissed, our team will carry out an assessment of your case and provide an honest opinion on the validity of your claim. We will then attempt to reach an amicable resolution, vigorously pursuing your case via litigation if necessary.

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Severance Agreement Lawyers

Whether you’re a company interested in negotiating severance agreements, or an individual wanting to pursue a claim, we’re here to help.

Key Contact

Jonathon Forrester

Jonathon Forrester

Director & Head of Employment Law

A specialist employment solicitor, Jonathon has extensive experience in working with both employers and employees to resolve workplace disputes across a range of cases — including unfair dismissal, disability discrimination, sex discrimination, age discrimination, TUPE and unlawful deduction of wages. His experience as a former police officer allows him to see the bigger picture and approach issues with a pragmatic and practical view to solving problems.

Jonathon is keen to work with employers to put robust policies and procedures in place from the outset and throughout employment to avoid litigation where possible. He is regularly instructed to draft employment contracts and staff handbooks, and also attends and conducts disciplinary and grievance meetings for his clients. Recognised by the Legal 500, Jonathon is proud of his reputation for being easy to talk to, and providing clients peace of mind that they are making the right decisions.


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Executive Severance Packages

Thursfields’ team of senior executive severance solicitors has a wealth of experience supporting businesses through the necessary procedures, ensuring their interests are protected, while reducing the risk of further repercussions.

We offer a strategic approach that deals with everything from reviewing contracts and advising on the appropriate use of protected conversations, to guidance on discussing the severance with the employee and setting an appropriate level of offer.

Former employees need to feel the situation was handled fairly and appropriately. For individuals, we will analyse the severance package offered to ensure its fit for purpose, while minimising the amount of restrictions you face. Our team will also work to negotiate the best financial outcome for you and defend you against potential reputational damage.

Representing both businesses and individuals, the senior executive severance team at Thursfields offer commercially focused and comprehensive advice.

Support for a Range of Sectors

Sometimes the industry you operate in can have an effect on negotiating severance packages. It’s therefore necessary to work with solicitors who are experienced in a wide range of sectors, so they can offer tailored advice that recognises the unique challenges you face. This is where Thursfields can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

A severance agreement is a legally-binding contract between an employer and senior executive which settles the latter’s employment with the firm. It typically outlines a series of covenants and terms the employee must agree to in return for a financial offer that takes into account their salary, if they had any shares, and their position in the organisation.

Executive severance packages will usually include six-to-twelve months’ salary, in addition to any elements such as bonuses, profit sharing, and share options they may have accrued. It can either be paid as a lump sum or in monthly instalments over a period of time.

Yes. It’s quite common for the employee to enter into negotiations with a business to obtain an enhanced severance package. During negotiation proceedings, it’s important to take into account what the individual stands to lose by leaving their position, whether any damage has been done to their reputation, and how much the company can afford. You should always try to keep discussions as amicable as possible to reduce the possibility of litigation.

Obtaining specialist advice from an employment solicitor is crucial for both employers and executives when negotiating a settlement agreement. For employees, it ensures the severance package is fair and does not bind them to irrelevant terms. Businesses, meanwhile, can be confident that their obligations are taken care of so there can be no further recourse via a tribunal.

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