Corporate insolvency requires a proactive, pragmatic, and effective approach. For a tailor-made service that is designed to meet your specific requirements, you can rely on our restructuring and insolvency solicitors.

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Our Corporate Insolvency Services

When it comes to corporate insolvency, there is no catch-all solution. Potential options will depend on a company’s unique circumstances. That’s why our restructuring and insolvency solicitors offer proactive and commercially astute advice across a number of services, including:

  • Formal payment arrangements
  • Corporate Restructuring 
  • Administration
  • Company Voluntary Arrangements
  • Liquidation

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Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency Advice

When you’re facing corporate insolvency, it’s important to know all the facts. When a business is in financial difficulty you need to work with a legal team who are experienced in multiple disciplines.

The corporate restructuring and insolvency solicitors at Thursfields bring together expertise in a range of legal areas.

From liquidation and administration to the disqualification of directors and restructuring advice, we cover all aspects of corporate insolvency. No matter the scale or complexity, we can assist.

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Our corporate restructuring and insolvency solicitors act for businesses of all shapes and sizes nationwide. For practical and commercial-minded advice you can trust, you’ve come to the right place.

Key Contact

Philip Chapman New Headshot

Philip Chapman

Director, Corprate

An experienced corporate lawyer, Philip has a background providing advice on matters including mergers & acquisitions, company restructuring, cross border joint ventures, investment arrangements, commercial contracts, terms & conditions and shareholder agreements. 

Proactive and practical, Philip’s work has a strong international focus — thanks to his roles within multinational organisations. He has been appointed Notary Public and is also an accredited CEDR Mediator.


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How Thursfields Helps with

Corporate Insolvency

Dealing with financial trouble is undoubtedly a stressful time. Business owners need to be proactive and practical when things are going well, and when things are not you will need wise counsel in order to make informed decisions about the future of your company. That’s exactly what Thursfields provides.

Experienced in all areas of corporate insolvency, we can offer guidance at every stage — from advising you on the potential impact of corporate insolvency law and your responsibilities as directors, to appointing administrators and liquidators — we are with you every step of the way.

As a full-service law firm that is centred around our clients, we will always work to deliver the best possible results for your business. Our restructuring and insolvency solicitors will gain a thorough understanding of your circumstances and recommend commercially-focused, tailor-made solutions that you can rely on.

Practical Business Insolvency Advice for a Range of Sectors

Because we’re a full service law firm, Thursfields is able to provide proactive corporate insolvency advice across multiple industries nationwide. No matter your circumstances, we’re here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate insolvency refers to a business that does not have sufficient assets to cover its liabilities, usually resulting in the company being unable to satisfy debts as they fall due. While this will undoubtedly be a stressful time, experiencing financial distress does not automatically lead to liquidation. Taking swift action offers the best possible chance of turning around your fortunes.

A company is deemed to be insolvent if its available assets are outweighed by its liabilities. There are a few methods to determine the solvency of a business, such as the balance sheet test and the cash flow test. It’s important to have a clear understanding of your company’s financial position, as trading while insolvent can lead to the risk of fines and other penalties.

If you determine that your business is insolvent, you must cease trading immediately and cancel all contracts, both present and future. You should seek specialist advice from restructuring and insolvency solicitors, who will guide you through your obligations and find the best possible solution for your circumstances.

Yes, it is entirely possible for a company to recover from insolvency. However, it is important to take decisive action as soon as you realise your business is experiencing financial difficulty. This is because the sooner you look into the problem, the more options you will have. If left for too long, your only remaining solution may be liquidation.

The most common method of closing an insolvent company is via liquidation. This can either be done voluntarily by the business owners, or forcibly by its creditors. Our team of corporate restructuring and insolvency solicitors can guide you through the entire process whichever method is chosen, and offer reliable support throughout.

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