A Warning to those Self Funding Care Fees

A Report undertaken by Age UK found that 41% of those in the care system were self funding.

The Report states that those that “self fund” their care pay the price for a care system under severe pressure by paying higher fees. Care homes are struggling financially and self funders make up the shortfall.

It also warns that the small print in care home contracts should be reviewed as they often contain unfair terms that do not have to be agreed. In addition, we are aware that substantial, but questionable, administration fees are also commonplace and are demanded on admission.

When a loved one needs care their family is often at crisis point and don’t know where to turn. We are able to provide practical advice and guidance when faced with how to pay and also advise on what financial help is available, as well as highlighting when contractual terms may be unfair.

For advice please contact Tracy Ashby on 0121 6475269 or e-mail tashby@thursfields.co.uk

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