Protection & Succession Planning for Family Owned Businesses

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Family businesses form the backbone and the heart of UK industry, covering all sectors from boots-on-the-ground farming to head-in-the-cloud technology. Their success is the result of extreme hard work and dedication, so it’s no surprise that company owners will want to ensure their firm will be kept safe for future generations, and any wealth they…

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What Happens Following the Death of a Shareholder?

5 local charities benefit from chosen status

The death of a shareholder can not only be a difficult time for the family, but also for the business itself — especially if the individual is also a director of the company. Building an enterprise and making it a success takes a great deal of effort, often meaning estate planning is pushed down the…

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6 Common Issues with Managing a Trust

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Trusts are an invaluable part of any comprehensive estate planning strategy. These versatile legal agreements have a variety of uses, from protecting wealth and limiting tax liabilities, to avoiding probate and safeguarding assets for future generations.  Given that the process of managing a trust can be complicated, it’s common for disputes to arise over their…

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Calculating Share Values for Probate

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When someone passes away, their estate needs to be administered and distributed to beneficiaries. As part of this process, the deceased’s assets are valued to determine how much inheritance tax is owed. In the cases of wealthy individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, etc., it’s common for these people to own a variety of different shares and…

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Understanding Wealth Protection & Tax Planning with Trusts

Consideration to inheritance when entering marriage

Everyone wants to look after their family’s future and ensure subsequent generations can benefit from their hard-earned wealth. Two of the key elements of this is to protect assets and reduce tax liability, thereby safeguarding as much of what you own as possible. But how should you go about this? The answer lies with setting…

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Key Family Farm Succession Planning Tips

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Family farm succession planning can be an essential step towards drawing up a long-term plan for your home and business. As well as offering clarity about the future of your farmland, it also improves the likelihood of a seamless transition between you and the beneficiaries of your estate. If you need specialist guidance to develop…

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