Covenants and Easements Explained for Developers

Residential Development Services

Covenants and easements can cause significant problems for developers if not properly understood and dealt with. Not only could they frustrate the designing of building schemes, but they may also cause significant delays, or even kibosh the development completely. It’s quite common for developers to be caught off guard by easements and covenants, only finding…

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8 Important Benefits of Shared Ownership

Shared ownership represents an intriguing and much-needed alternative to the traditional method of buying and selling a home. It is a government-backed scheme that is designed to help more people take their first steps onto the property ladder.  With the scheme increasingly gaining in popularity, we’ve put together a list of the most important benefits…

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8 Key Components of a Legal Pack for Auction

Property Auctioning

Auctions are becoming an increasingly popular method of buying and selling residential property. Whether it is a traditional style auction or a modern style auction, the unique nature of the process means that specialist legal guidance is strongly recommended to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. The content in this article is designed for a…

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The Ultimate Guide to Shared Ownership Staircasing

Home movers quick on the draw

Shared ownership has been heralded by many as a way to enable more people to get themselves on the residential property ladder. It involves purchasing a share in a house or flat (usually via a mortgage) and then paying rent on the remaining portion to a Housing Association.  If you decide to go down the…

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