Understanding Wealth Protection & Tax Planning with Trusts

Consideration to inheritance when entering marriage

Everyone wants to look after their family’s future and ensure subsequent generations can benefit from their hard-earned wealth. Two of the key elements of this is to protect assets and reduce tax liability, thereby safeguarding as much of what you own as possible. But how should you go about this? The answer lies with setting…

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What Qualifies as a Protected Disclosure?


Whistleblowing can be an important way of highlighting wrongdoing in the workplace. In ‘blowing the whistle’, an individual will be protected by law from any adverse effects from the disclosure — such as demotion, dismissal, or a deterioration in the working environment. If any of this does happen, the employee will have the right to…

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Key Family Farm Succession Planning Tips

Agricultural Tractor in Harvest Field

Family farm succession planning can be an essential step towards drawing up a long-term plan for your home and business. As well as offering clarity about the future of your farmland, it also improves the likelihood of a seamless transition between you and the beneficiaries of your estate. If you need specialist guidance to develop…

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Reasons to Vary a Child Arrangement Order

Family - Child Arrangements

When a relationship ends, making decisions about the welfare of any children or dependents can be extremely challenging. While some parents may be able to agree child arrangements between themselves — either having them recorded as a parenting agreement or by making an informal arrangement — others will need to go to court for a…

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The Process of Selling a Business

Sales and purchase handshake

Selling your business can be a complex undertaking with far-reaching implications. From considering tax liabilities to understanding employment law obligations, there is a lot for company directors to take on board.  Although no two firms are ever the same, there is a standard process of selling a business which will usually be followed. Obtaining specialist…

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Everything You Need to Know About Family Farm Partnerships

Agriculture - Outside of Tractor

Family farm partnerships are extremely common in the agricultural sector. For many farmers, these agreements are loose and undefined. It might even be assumed that because a long-term partnership is working well for all parties there is little reason to formalise it in writing. While there is no legal obligation to set out your farming…

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Can a Business Partner Force You to Sell?

Purchase of care home

It is common for business relationships to come to an end. Relationships may break down or one of the owners could want to explore opportunities elsewhere. Perhaps the company is going through financial difficulties and an owner decides to sell their shares to raise capital.  Another potential reason for a split is a situation where…

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Challenges with the Family Farm Divorce Process

Agriculture featured image - dog and farmer

Divorce can often be a challenging process, something which requires specialist guidance to ensure your needs are satisfied. While the financial claims involved in a family farm divorce (such as income, property, and pensions) are exactly the same as any other separation, there are some unique circumstances which will typically only occur when rural businesses…

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Dealing with a Breach of Child Arrangement Order

Family - Child Arrangements

Dealing with a divorce or separation can be difficult. This is particularly the case when children are involved. Child arrangements orders were introduced to make the process more straightforward for all parties involved and put the needs of the children first. Unfortunately, even when you have an order, there may be occasions when one party…

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What Should be Included in a Business Purchase Agreement?

September deadline for registering trusts

When transferring some or all business assets from a seller to a buyer, everything should be recorded in a business purchase agreement. Although these documents are common in asset sales, making sure that everything is included demands attention to detail and comprehensive guidance. Knowing what to include in an agreement for the sale and purchase…

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