Care fees concerns

The BBC has recently revealed that care homes may be charging families for extended periods after a resident has died as well as large upfront fees.

The concern has been raised as a review by the Competition and Markets Authority who fear that there could be breaches in consumer law.

These are just some of the concerns that families face when their loved one is receiving or goes into a care home. It has been highlighted that information is limited in relation to care home choice, the social care system and who pays for it.  All of this when facing the emotional and stressful experience of needing to put a loved one into the care system.  The lack of information and guidance causes unnecessary distress and financial pressure and it needn’t be so with the right advice at the right time.

The social care system is a hot topic and has been so for many years. The rules are complicated and manifesto promises and consultations fall short of protecting those within the care system.  The current government situation only serves to put social care into the background.

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