8 Important Benefits of Shared Ownership

Shared ownership represents an intriguing and much-needed alternative to the traditional method of buying and selling a home. It is a government-backed scheme that is designed to help more people take their first steps onto the property ladder.  With the scheme increasingly gaining in popularity, we’ve put together a list of the most important benefits…

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Protection & Succession Planning for Family Owned Businesses

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Family businesses form the backbone and the heart of UK industry, covering all sectors from boots-on-the-ground farming to head-in-the-cloud technology. Their success is the result of extreme hard work and dedication, so it’s no surprise that company owners will want to ensure their firm will be kept safe for future generations, and any wealth they…

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How to Make Employees Redundant

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Redundancies can unfortunately be an inevitable part of running a business. If they do become a necessity, it’s essential to follow correct procedures at every stage in the process. Failure to do so could see you embroiled in costly employment tribunal cases, which can have a detrimental effect on your business. This is why understanding…

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8 Key Components of a Legal Pack for Auction

Property Auctioning

Auctions are becoming an increasingly popular method of buying and selling residential property. Whether it is a traditional style auction or a modern style auction, the unique nature of the process means that specialist legal guidance is strongly recommended to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. The content in this article is designed for a…

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Why Would an Employer Offer a Settlement Agreement?

Settlement Agreements Bespoke Agreement

Designed to promote an amicable resolution to company disputes, settlement agreements were introduced in July 2013. Their aim is to encourage both parties to sort out their differences within the organisation itself, without resorting to employment tribunals.  The existence of settlement agreements will typically slip under the radar of employees, at least until they are…

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What Happens Following the Death of a Shareholder?

5 local charities benefit from chosen status

The death of a shareholder can not only be a difficult time for the family, but also for the business itself — especially if the individual is also a director of the company. Building an enterprise and making it a success takes a great deal of effort, often meaning estate planning is pushed down the…

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6 Common Issues with Managing a Trust

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Trusts are an invaluable part of any comprehensive estate planning strategy. These versatile legal agreements have a variety of uses, from protecting wealth and limiting tax liabilities, to avoiding probate and safeguarding assets for future generations.  Given that the process of managing a trust can be complicated, it’s common for disputes to arise over their…

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Calculating Share Values for Probate

Wills, Wealth and Estate planning - calculator image

When someone passes away, their estate needs to be administered and distributed to beneficiaries. As part of this process, the deceased’s assets are valued to determine how much inheritance tax is owed. In the cases of wealthy individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, etc., it’s common for these people to own a variety of different shares and…

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Thursfields Corporate Team assists with Simon Lancaster’s Acquisition of Worcester City Football Club

Thursfields Solicitors corporate and commercial team, led by Philip Chapman, Corporate Director, and supported by Hannah Clark, Commercial Associate Director, advised Simon Lancaster, CEO of SJL Insurance, on his purchase of a 51% majority stake in Worcester City Football Club’s issued share capital. The acquisition saw Mr Lancaster invest significantly in the club, granting him…

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Understanding Post Termination Restrictions

Residential property dispute solicitors

Also referred to as “restrictive covenants”, post termination restrictions are designed to limit certain activities by former employees and protect businesses from potential harm. They represent a delicate balancing act between employers needing to preserve their interests and former workers wanting to freely pursue new opportunities. If businesses and individuals wish to avoid the prospect…

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