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Successful Management Buyout

Thursfields have successfully facilitated the purchase of TM Brookes LTD and Arford Steel Profiles LTD to Lee Davis, Managing Director of Midlands Steel Holdings LTD. The transaction was managed by Thursfield’s Corporate Director, Philip Chapman and his expert team, leveraging their knowledge and experience in Corporate M&A work. Amongst other matters, the buyout included the negotiation of the terms of the transfer of shares, warranties and post-completion obligations.

Harnessing a holistic approach to navigate the complex challenges inherent to the Management Buyout, Thursfields worked closely with the seller’s solicitors to ensure a collaborative approach to the transaction. This helped secure the best outcome for the client and the future of the two businesses. The approach was also designed to expedite the process, without compromising on the quality of the transaction, given the strict timeframe to negotiate and complete.

Philip Chapman comments about the completion of the MBO: “I’m delighted for the new owner Lee Davis. I know that Lee has exciting plans for the future, building on the already strong reputation of both Black Country companies. The timeframe to negotiate and complete the deal was strict to enable us to complete by the end of the financial year. Everyone worked very hard on both sides to achieve this completion.”

Steel Manufacturing - Case Study

“I’m pleased to have completed the acquisitions having been involved in the businesses for several years. We have exciting plans for the future initially through organic growth, building on the strong customer base and rich history of the two businesses.”

Lee Davis

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