Dementia hits the headlines again

A recent study predicts that 1.2 million of us will suffer from dementia by 2040.

This worrying statistic should prove to encourage us all to consider doing what we can so that our loved ones don’t feel the strain if it happens to us.

The first issue that springs to mind is Lasting Power of Attorney. The importance and the subsequent ease of use of these documents can often be overlooked.

Lasting Power of Attorney puts you firmly in control of how and when your finances may be managed on your behalf.  If your family members can’t access money when it is needed then it can cause financial difficulties.  Lasting Power of Attorney can also ensure that any medical wishes you have are fully considered and can even be used to complain about your medical treatment or help you find a care home that suits you best.  Imagine if your loved one was treated against their wishes or placed in a care home miles away from family and friends.

Whilst Wills are important for everyone, they can, in certain circumstances, be used as an effective way to preserve assets if you need to go into a care home.

We can advise you on the appropriate measures to protect you and your family.

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