As a business, you may own a variety of creative assets that fall under the category of Intellectual Property. These assets can be protected by a variety of intellectual property rights, that allow your business to grow and maximise potential.

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Intellectual property encompasses a wide range of creative and innovative assets that your business can possess. These can include:

  • Your branding
  • Business and product names
  • Marketing materials like videos and websites

As well as the above, Intellectual Property can include knowledge, processes, designs, and content related to your products and deliverables.

Various forms of intellectual property rights, such as copyright, database rights, patents, trademarks, and design rights, can be used to protect these assets.

Thursfields are able to help you navigate the complexities of Intellectual Property, ensuring your assets stay safeguarded.

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A Full Service Intellectual Property Law Firm

Protecting your intellectual property involves not only monitoring and registration but also considering less commonly thought of measures. Thursfields can assist you in incorporating intellectual property protection mechanisms into your contracts of employment, confidentiality agreements, terms and conditions, collaboration agreements, and through enforcement actions when necessary.

Furthermore, intellectual property can be a valuable asset that can generate income through licensing. At Thursfields, we can help you draft licenses that not only safeguard your existing intellectual property but also cover future works that may result from its use. These licenses establish the business relationship between the licensor and licensee and outline how you will collaborate to protect your intellectual property from the impact of third parties.

By taking proactive steps to safeguard your intellectual property, you can ensure its long-term value and protect your business's competitive advantage in the market. Thursfields can provide the legal expertise needed to navigate the complexities of intellectual property protection and licensing, allowing you to focus on growing and maximising the potential of your intellectual assets.

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Hannah Clark

Associate Director, Corporate and Commercial

Specialising in commercial and corporate law, Hannah has advised a range of national and multinational clients on matters such as terms and conditions of sale, manufacturing agreements, distribution networks and franchise agreements, framework supply agreements and research and development agreements.

She also has a keen interest and experience in advising on IT contracts and data protection matters, having advised telecommunications companies, biometric data technology providers and IT full service companies. She has advised on SAAS agreements, escrow agreements, intellectual property licensing agreements and bespoke software development agreements.

Hannah often gets her teeth stuck into some more unusual situations for clients having advised on a Chamber’s constitution, sports club constitutions, doctor’s partnership agreements, sponsorship agreements and talent management agreements.

Hannah always endeavours to transform complicated matters in plain and simple ways, so contracts are easier to interpret and understand for everybody involved.


As one of the country’s leading Corporate and Commercial law firms, we provide comprehensive advice tailor-made to meet your requirements.

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Intellectual Property

Thursfields understands that Intellectual Property is the lifeblood of innovation and business success, which is why we are committed to providing a comprehensive, professional and informed legal service.

Our experienced solicitors can help you ensure that your Intellectual Property is protected, offering unique, tailored advice to suit your requirements. With legal guidance, we can help you navigate the intricacies of Intellectual property protection and licensing, giving you more time to focus on the growth and maximisation of your business assets and their potential.

We are dedicated to helping your Intellectual Property retain its long-term value and ensure your business remains competitive within the market and dynamic business landscape.

Intellectual Property Legal Advice for a Range of Sectors

Intellectual Property covers all innovative and creative assets owned by a business. With this covering such a vast expanse of assets, within all kinds of business and sectors, Thursfields offer guidance across a range of sectors.

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