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Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus/COVID-19, the whole nation is compelled to stay at home wherever possible.  This will cause concern to those that feel vulnerable at home through domestic abuse or a relationship breakdown.  During this time the Family Courts and the family team at Thursfields remain operational to assist you if you need advice or are at risk. 

How can we help if you need urgent advice?

Non-molestation and Occupation Orders

If you are at immediate risk of harm due to physical, verbal, emotional or financial abuse, an emergency non-molestation order can be obtained to protect you and you children.  This would protect you from further harm and a breach of that order could attract criminal sanctions.  If you and your partner share your home, the Court can also order that your partner stay away from the property that you are staying in. If you have been prohibited from remaining in or returning to the family home, the Court can also consider granting you an occupation order to allow you to return or remain in the family home to the exclusion of your partner.


If your child is at risk of being removed from your care, the Court can grant a prohibited steps order which prohibits the other parent from removing the child from your care and control.  If your child has been removed from your care unlawfully, the Court can authorise the return of the child to you.

Financial Matters

If you believe that your spouse is about to dispose of assets in a way which would defeat a claim you would have for financial remedy within divorce proceedings, the Court has powers to make freezing orders or  to set aside a disposition already made. The Court also has powers in divorce proceedings to make interim orders regarding payments to meet your financial needs.

Other matters

We continue to be available for non-urgent matters such as divorce, long term child arrangements and all financial matters. We are equipped to hold video and telephone meetings to progress matters whilst the current Government health guidance is in place.

Here at Thursfields we have a team of family law specialists who are available to speak to you confidentially and answer your questions.  The team can be contacted on 0345 20 73 72 8 or

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