Is ‘Facebragging’ a cause of Divorce?

Social media can be used for many great things. From marketing businesses to catching up with old school friends, it is hard to think back to a time when we could not follow the lives of our nearest and dearest (or those we met just once many years ago) at just the touch of a button.

We often find that our social media feeds are filled with idyllic holiday snaps, selfies of loved up couples and announcements of promotions, engagements, new houses and sporting accomplishments.

But is this so-called ‘Facebragging’ creating pressure for married couples? Are couples struggling to live up to what may be unrealistic impressions of domestic perfection?

Dissatisfied spouses may begin to question why their lives do not seem quite as exciting or glamourous as those that they see on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. A number of married couples may even succumb to the pressure that ‘Facebragging’ creates; believing that ‘the grass may be greener on the other side’.

Perhaps it is unlikely that ‘Facebragging’ alone can be the sole cause of the breakdown of a marriage. However, our front row tickets to experience the lives of others may be casting doubts upon our own relationships. It can be easy to see how comparing our lives with others, alongside the pressure of ‘keeping up with the Joneses’, can exacerbate existing problems or tensions within marriages.

Given the ease of accessibility to social media sites and the huge presence that social media has in today’s society it is no surprise that the pressure created by ‘Facebragging’ will have increased in recent years and likely to continue to do so in years to come.

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