Make sure you know what is needed for your new boiler

Boiler breakdown?  Need a new boiler? 

There’s never a good time for your central heating boiler to give up on you and at this time of year the priority is making sure it’s back up and running as quickly as possible.  But do you know what documents you need after a new boiler is fitted?  Many people find that when they come to sell their property and questions are asked for them to provide certificates for a replacement central heating boiler, or any other gas appliance, that they do not have what is needed.

Any new or replacement gas appliance installed after 1st April 2005 is subject to Building Regulations.  If, for example, a gas fire, gas hob or central heating boiler has been installed, notification to Building Control is required to ensure that the installation conforms to Building Regulations.  In the alternative, where the appliance has been installed by a CORGI or Gas Safe registered installer (who is a member of a self-certification scheme), the installation should be accompanied with a certificate which is evidence that the appliance has been commissioned and which is then registered with CORGI or Gas Safe.

A copy of this certificate is then lodged with Building Control as evidence that a certificate has been issued under the ‘competent person scheme’.

After the certificate has been issued the installation should be notified to Gas Safe (or CORGI if the installation was undertaken prior to 2009) which then issues a compliance certificate – which is evidence that the installation conforms to building regulations.

In short a gas installation should be accompanied by:-

  • an installer’s certificate; and
  • a Compliance Certificate issued by Gas Safe or CORGI if before 2009

Unfortunately, it is sometimes the case that the required notification is overlooked by the gas engineer and if this is picked up on swiftly it can be possible for a retrospective notification to be made.  The lack of a Compliance Certificate does not mean that the installation has not been undertaken satisfactorily or that the system does not function satisfactorily  – the absence of the compliance certificate merely means there is no evidence that when it was installed the installation conformed to the building regulations which were current at the time.

When selling your home if you are not able to provide the Compliance Certificate for a gas installation after 2005 you may be asked to provide a gas inspection condition report and also may be asked to pay for an absence of Compliance Certificate Insurance.

When arranging for a new gas appliance to be installed it is important to check that the engineer fitting the appliance is registered with Gas Safe, which can be checked online at .  It is also important to ask the engineer to ensure that the necessary notification is made following installation and for you to retain the Compliance Certificate safely once received as this could save you time and money on your future house sale.

For further advice or guidance on selling your home or the documentation that will needed to ensure a smooth running sale please contact Thursfields property team who will be happy to discuss this with you.

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