Making a Will features in Thursfields’ first Talk Legal webinar | Wills and Estates

A new series of free webinars is being launched by Thursfields Solicitors next month, with the first one focused on “Making a Will”.

“Talk Legal – An audience with Deborah Beal” will be held at 10am on Wednesday 3 June.

Deborah Beal an associate solicitor in the Wills & Estates department,  will introduce the webinar live to all attendees on Zoom, before playing them a short vidcast on “Making a Will”, then returning to the screen to answer any questions.

Nick O’Hara, managing director at Thursfields, said: “We’re well known for our regular free workshops for businesses and the community, and have always been keen to widen the audience for our legal guidance.

“Because it’s not currently possible to hold physical events, we’ve started recording a series of vidcasts on different legal topics, and we now want to use these interactively online.

“Now that everyone’s getting used to Zoom, we thought it would be a great way to help people become more aware of those legal jobs they want to get round to.

“Seeking legal advice might be a new or daunting experience for some, but our Talk Legal webinars will all feature our lawyers directly speaking to people live online.

“We hope this will help put our clients and potential new clients at ease as well as inform them about the steps they may need to take if they have a legal issue.”

The next two Talk Legal webinars are also in planning, with one covering “Divorce” and the other focused on “Mergers & Acquisitions”.

Nick added: “Our lawyers have done a fantastic job at adapting to social distancing requirements whilst still delivering a first-rate service to our clients.

“Our new Talk Legal webinars are another example of the way we’re using technology to make sure our guidance is widely available to everyone.”

People can register for Thursfields’ first free Talk Legal episode here:

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