Making a Will is a New Year resolution you should keep | Wills and estates

Family get-togethers over the festive period will hopefully nudge people into realising that making a Will is a New Year resolution they should keep.

The advice from Thursfields comes as recent research found that 54% of UK adults don’t have a Will, and 5.4 million people have no idea how to make one. The research by the Royal London insurance company highlights why it’s so important to use a qualified expert to make a Will.

Michelle Hetheridge, Director of the Wills & Estates division at Thursfields, said: “It might come as a surprise that well over half of UK adults have no Will, and millions of people have no idea where to start. But as we all get together over the Christmas and New Year period, perhaps being with our loved ones will remind us that making a Will should be the most important resolution of the year, and one we should keep.

After all, what’s more important that ensuring our loved ones are cared for after our death? The best way to make a Will that works is to use a qualified legal expert, and Thursfields has a number of experts available in our offices across the Midlands who can guide you and arrange everything you need.”

Michelle said making a Will enables people to plan all sorts of decisions that may become complex after their death if there is no legal paperwork.

“A Will ensures your estate is inherited by who you want, and it’s crucial to remember that unmarried partners, friends, step-children or charities will not benefit unless they are named in your Will.

Having a Will properly created by a legal expert also means that all the detailed inheritance tax laws can be taken into account, carefully planning that there’s as much as possible left over for your family.

It’s also important to remember that the need for care funding is growing for all of us, and that with complex rules we all need to have the right Will to retain as much of your estate as possible for future generations.”

Michelle explained how Wills can take care of other potential complications, such as parents using the procedure to appoint legal guardians for their children, which can prevent the need for the courts or social services to get involved in the event of their death.

And she said a Will means people can name those they trust to be their executors, rather than leaving administrators to be appointed on a ‘first come first served’ basis.

Michelle added: “Making a Will gives you peace of mind, because once it’s done you can stop worrying about it and get on with enjoying your life. It’s a New Year resolution we should all make and keep for 2019.”

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