Menopause training and policy workshop to be hosted by Thursfields

A free training session on the legalities and best practice of managing the effects of menopause at work is to be hosted by Thursfields Solicitors next month.

The HR Exchange event titled ‘Menopause and the law’ takes place from 10 to 11am on Thursday 19 May at Thursfields’ offices at 9-10 The Tything in Worcester.

Importance of Training for HR & Business Owners

Lisa Kemp, an associate director in the Employment Law team at Thursfields, is hosting the training that has been specially designed for HR managers and business owners.

She said: “This important session will help give HR managers and business leaders an understanding of some of the issues involved with menopause in the workplace.

“We’ll be looking at how the menopause and the law interact with each other and the steps an employer can take to help support those with menopause, ensuring their actions do not breach the law.”

Key areas that the training session will look includes the following:

  • Menopause and the law.
  • How to create an open and trusted culture among staff.
  • The importance of awareness training for managers to deal with concerns sensitively.
  • Considering practical assistance and workplace adjustments.
  • Careful sickness absence management.
  • The importance of meaningful policies and procedures.

Lisa added: “The menopause is a natural occurrence in life that should be understood, considered and acted upon by all employers.

“By helping staff to deal with the menopause in the workplace, employers will only increase work rates, quality and loyalty.

“But aside from the positive human outcome, employers should take the issue seriously as there are laws that can be used to protect anyone who feels they are not being treated properly at work as a result.”

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