New Christian evangelism company launched, thanks to Thursfields

A new not-for-profit organisation that aims to secure funding for Christian evangelists has been launched, with the assistance of Thursfields Solicitors.

Jenny Smith, head of the Charities and Communities team at Thursfields, advised on the legal aspects of establishing JustSow Giving Ltd, which matches high net worth individuals with what are called ‘gospel entrepreneurs’.

JustSow is based online and hopes to fund evangelical projects across England and Wales.

Jenny Smith said: “This new company aims to do some great work spreading the Christian message via evangelists.

“We were pleased to advise on setting up JustSow Giving Ltd as a not-for-profit company that can facilitate the spread of funding in the most efficient way.

“I’ve enjoyed working with the team at JustSow and wish them the very best in their endeavours.”

Nick Davis, one of the founders at JustSow, explained that the company had been inspired by Jesus’ teaching, and aims to “sow money” generously see “gospel seed” scattered across the country via gospel entrepreneurs, evangelists and church planters.

He said: “Funding for evangelism can be hard to find, but gospel entrepreneurs can apply for a JustSow seed worth £10,000 so their missions can grow.

“While the aims of JustSow are very clear, we wanted to make sure the legal side of the company was all properly established using the skills of proven experts.

“We found the advice and inputs of Jenny Smith at Thursfields really helpful and feel that the company is now set to start the great work that we have planned.”

Gospel entrepreneurs can apply to Just Sow for seed funding, registering their project and uploading a short video for a funding decision.

Mr Davis added: “As well as seeding new projects each year, some projects seeded in previous years will be invited to apply for more seeds to multiply their work. Together, we can play our part in re-evangelising this nation.”

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