“Off the Record” Conversations | Employment law

Many employers still believe that an “off the record” conversation is the way to exit an employee from their business without risk.

The law allows for a “protected conversation” but that protection only extends to certain circumstances and must be conducted in the right way.

There are times where a conversation can be had and others where it should probably be avoided. If the conversation is had at the wrong time or in the wrong way then an employer may be exposed to the risk of employment claims.

James Monk, Senior Associate in the Employment Law Team at Thursfields said: “Each employment scenario is different and many employers overlook the psychology involved in getting to a good outcome.  Handled badly, employment issues become entrenched and expensive as the relationship between employer and employee can sour quickly.”

With offices in Worcester, Solihull, Kidderminster, Sedgley and Halesowen, Thursfields’ Employment Team can help employers understand when and how to have a difficult conversation with an employee.  We can also help employers understand the risks involved and ways to reduce that risk, for example, by using settlement agreements.

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