Organising your Energy Suppliers in the moving process

With so many errands to go through and check while moving house, notifying your energy supplier and finding out who is going to be suppling the energy to your new property, may be quite low down on your to do lists. However, some simple steps can help avoid any unwanted bills and get you up and running in your new home.

Before you move house (Selling)

• You must contact your current energy supplier around 48 hours before your moving day however, you can do this earlier if you have the confirmed moving date before this.

• Provide your current supplier with your forwarding address so they can send your final bill.

• On your moving day, take note of the meter readings and also the date, to support any disputes you may have with your final bill.

Moving into your new House (Purchasing)

• Find out who the energy supplier is to the new property (you should be able to gain this information through the conveyancing process) and contact them on your completion day confirming you now own the property.

• On the day that you officially own the property take a meter reading. The sooner you do this the better, as it assists in producing a more accurate first bill and prevents any charges for usage to which you are not accountable for.

• In most cases the current supplier will place you on a standard tariff initially, which can be quite expensive, so looking for a better deal either with the current provider or a new one should be a high priority to save that extra bit of money.

• If the new property has a prepayment meter, you should avoid using it until you have contacted the current supplier who can then advise you accordingly.

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