Tracy Griffiths

Customer Service Administrator Manager

About Tracy

As Customer Service Administrator Manager for Thursfields Solicitors Tracy’s role includes a number of varied day to day tasks as well as exciting new projects.

Her role is to predominantly manage and develop the reception “meet and greet and 1st point call” team at Thursfields legal services across our regional offices.

Day to day she ensures the consistent and smooth running of our receptions, telephone services and communications. This is a full-time role which provides her with invaluable information as to what happens in the client journey at that first point of call.

Having spent most of her working life in customer service roles she loves the dynamics of meeting, liaising, and helping both internal colleagues and external clients alike and utilising her transferable skills from leading customer service teams to working as a trainer, into this role.

Tracy is also a trained Coach and Master Practitioner in NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming) which includes a host of modules including Goal setting, personal development, rapport building, coaching and mentoring, body language and how to develop and change mind-set so that we can be the best version of ourselves. All of which are transferable skills and she uses every day. For example:

  • It is important that we are able to evaluate our responses so that we communicate effectively both to our work colleagues and our client base. We are 100% responsible for our communication to others.

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