Thinking About Separating?

Separation is when a couple decides to take time apart following a relationship breakdown. During this period of time, they usually do not live together, taking time to assess whether the relationship is right for them moving forwards. It is important to note that separation does not always mean the end of a marriage.

Any relationship or family breakdown can be a difficult and emotional situation for the couple and those around them. At Thursfields, we understand this; our expert team take the time to understand individual circumstances to advise accordingly.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer for Separation?

Some people may query why a lawyer is required for separation.

Although decisions regarding personal relationships are between individuals themselves, our team of family specialists are able to help guide you through non-confrontational resolution techniques and provide advice on the process of separation as and when required. Any documentation or agreements made are not legally binding, however, if there is a conflict, a lawyer will guide you in obtaining legal agreements.

Specialist Separation Lawyers Can Help You

Although separation and divorce are technically different legal proceedings, agreements are required in both processes.

A separation agreement can be drawn up by a lawyer once a couple has officially decided to separate. This agreement will detail arrangements made for finances, child arrangements and property. In the cases of married couples, a settlement agreement can be used as a means of setting arrangements before starting divorce proceedings.

Although this is not technically a legally binding agreement, it can be used as a formal document when drawn up by a specialist lawyer.

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