Thursfields’ Family Team makes its mark in the West Midlands

West Midlands Law firm, Thursfields, has announced the outstanding growth and recognition of its Family Law Team.

The sizable team, made up of 14 family expert lawyers, has achieved impressive income growth in the past 2 years and is ranked as Tier 1 in the prestigious Legal 500, underlying their position as one of the leading family law teams in the region.

The remarkable success of the Family Team is a testament to their commitment to client service. With a deep understanding of family law and a focus on tailored solutions, the team has gained a clear reputation as trusted advisors in divorce, financial issues, child custody, adoption, and other family law matters.

Shane Miller Head of the Family Law Team at Thursfields said “Understanding the sensitive nature of family law cases, the team ensures personalised attention to each client, addressing their concerns and protecting their interests. This dedication to fostering strong relationships has earned the loyalty and respect of their clients, resulting in a steady stream of referrals and repeat business.

“We are delighted with the growth of our team and the recognition by the Legal 500. We continue to develop our collaborative services, such as mediation and one lawyer divorce, in support of market trends as we know some clients want alternatives to the traditional court and litigious process.”

Recognising the increasing preference for alternative dispute resolution methods, two lawyers within the Family Team have undergone specialised training to become family mediators. This allows the firm to provide mediation services, assisting clients in reaching mutually beneficial agreements outside of the courtroom. By offering mediation as an alternative, clients are empowered to explore amicable and efficient solutions, saving time, costs, and reducing the emotional strain often associated with litigation.

Shane added “Adopting a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach and recognising that family law often intersects with other legal areas, the team collaborates closely with colleagues from different departments within the firm. This holistic approach allows us to provide comprehensive legal solutions that address the broader needs of our clients, setting them apart in the competitive legal landscape.”

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