Thursfields leads the way to ‘acceptance without exception’

Leading local law firm celebrates membership of Stonewall’s Diversity Champions

On Thursday 28 January, Thursfields Solicitors celebrated their inclusion in Stonewall’s Diversity Programme with a drinks reception for key contacts and clients to promote the scheme at their Worcester office. The leading local law firm, which is the first in the two counties to receive the accreditation, has worked with the leading rights charity Stonewall to encourage a positive working culture for LGBT employees.

The event was attended by a number of leading businesses from all sectors in the two counties and wider Midlands region. Stonewall’s Legal Sector Account Manager, Elliott Pentland also explained the hard work that goes into gaining accreditation, the commitment from the Equal Allies Team at the firm and how impressed he was at the speed with which the firm proceeded with the process. Elliott also explained that Stonewall will continue to work with the firm going forwards into 2016/17.

Elliott Pentland, who worked closely with the firm to achieve the accreditation, said:

“Thursfields has really embraced the challenge of becoming Diversity Champions and are strongly committed to our guiding principle of “acceptance without exception”. They have recognised that having the law on equality is one thing but actually putting principles into practice is quite another. As a result of this process, and their continued commitment to working with us in the future to maintain that accreditation, they will be sending out a strong signal to their staff and clients that this is somewhere where it is encouraged to be who you want to be and they will reap the rewards as a result.”

Thomas Evans, who led the accreditation process and organised the event, said:

“Achieving the accreditation from Stonewall demonstrates the commitment that Thursfields has to ensuring equality in the workplace. I’m grateful to my colleagues who have worked with me to achieve this endorsement and to everyone who came to share in our success. Whilst there are laws to ensure equality, it’s very easy to just pay lip service to them without really committing to change. As a team we are committed to continuing to work with Stonewall going forwards and to enable us to fully support our colleagues to feel comfortable with their identity.”

Nick O’Hara, Managing Director of Thursfields, said:

“Whilst we have always striven to be a truly equal opportunities employer in reality rather than theory, this accreditation will also show our clients that we are committed to ensuring their needs are met and that difference is valued. Employees who are treated equally perform better and commit their energies to growing with that business rather than moving on somewhere else. I commend the work done by Thomas and the Equal Allies Team and I hope that other law firms across the region will follow our lead and join us in demonstrating a commitment to a truly equal workplace.”

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