Thursfields’ podcast discusses mental health and well-being surrounding separations and divorce

Becky Hanson, a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor, has underlined the importance of looking after people’s mental health during separation and divorce in Thursfields Solicitors’ latest podcast.

Ms Hanson, who runs Becky Hanson Counselling and Support Services in Worcestershire, explained how she helps people to make separation and divorce a life event they can move on from, rather than a trauma that stays with them for the rest of their lives.

Talking on Thursfields’ ‘Family Law Uncovered’ podcast, hosted by family lawyer Jill Roberts, Ms Hanson said: “This is a subject I feel very passionately about.

“I think ensuring people’s mental health during a separation and divorce really needs to become a priority.

“I think we can often get bogged down in the legal aspects of it and people can quite quickly, if not careful, become drawn into their battles.

“Divorce and separation is one of the most turbulent times of our lives, and when everything is at full stretch it’s very difficult to make what are some of the biggest decisions in your life.

“When we’re in crisis, our minds are chaotic and everything feels extremely scrambled.”

Ms Roberts said: “Here at Thursfields, we’re very aware that sometimes clients do need that additional support from professionals like yourselves.

“It’s really important for people to have the correct support system, and we try to take a holistic approach and work with other professionals so that people get all that rounded support through that difficult period.”

Ms Hanson agreed, and added: “Counselling provides the opportunity to come and create some calmness, have a place to offload, to be able to hear yourself and be heard.

“It can be very liberating and create the space clients may need to come back and see a professional like yourself, and to be able to answer your questions with more clarity, and hear the advice you’re giving.

“That’s because they’re not coming from such a high emotional state, and their emotions have been helped to be soothed by a counselling process.”

Ms Roberts and Ms Hanson were discussing mental health and well-being in the fifth episode of the Family Law Uncovered series, hosted by various lawyers in Thursfield’s Family Law department.

The podcast covers everything from separation to divorce, including subjects such as mediation, family finance and how to do what’s best for any children involved.

The podcast can be found on Thursfields’ website here and also appears across all mainstream audio streaming channels such as Spotify, Apple and others.

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