Thursfields’ Talk Legal: Webinar discusses financial arrangements in marital breakdowns | Family Law

Protecting your financial arrangements when a marriage breaks down will be the focus of Thursfields Solicitors’ next free webinar later this month.

Lorna Tipple, an associate director in the Family Law department at the leading Midlands law firm, will host the Talk Legal webinar at 10am on Wednesday 17 June.

Lorna will introduce the webinar live on Zoom before playing a short vidcast on the importance of financial arrangements in marital breakdowns, then returning to the screen to answer any questions from those attending.

The session is expected to last around 20 minutes, including any questions, and attendees will leave knowing what they need to do next if facing divorce.

Lorna said: “When you want to move on with your life post-divorce the last thing you need is unfinished business rearing its ugly head. 

“If financial matters relating to your divorce are not fully and formally dealt with at the time, you will be living with a ticking time bomb that can detonate at any moment. 

“This webinar will explain exactly what those financial issues are, and will guide attendees on what they need to do to best protect their future finances, making sure all assets are properly identified, calculated and distributed between the parties.”  

Thursfields launched its new Talk Legal series of webinars during the COVID-19 lockdown to ensure the company was able to continue its regular free workshops for businesses and the community.

Nick O’Hara, managing director at Thursfields, said: “Now that everyone’s getting used to Zoom, we’ve started recording a series of vidcasts on different legal topics to use in our webinars which feature our lawyers directly speaking to people live online.

“We thought this would be a great way to help inform people about the steps they may need to take if they have a legal issue.”

People can register for Thursfields’ latest Talk Legal webinar here:

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