Making a Will in contemplation of marriage or a civil partnership | Wills and Estates

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown many plans in to turmoil across the globe. Schools closed, holidays cancelled, exams rescheduled, the list goes on.

One industry in particular that has seen upheaval as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic is the Wedding industry.

Had you plans to marry or form a civil partnership in March, April or May which you have now had to cancel? Did you plan on making a Will once you had married or formed your civil partnership but are now unsure of what to do given the delay caused by Covid-19?  It is worth bearing in mind that Wills are automatically revoked on marriage or forming a registered civil partnership.

Abigail Groom, Solicitor in our Wills and Estates department says “Given these unprecedented times and with many couples this year being in ‘limbo’ over a potential date for their marriage, you may be putting off making a Will until after your wedding or civil partnership, but at Thursfields we can advise clients in making a Will in contemplation of marriage instead, so that your Will is not revoked by your subsequent marriage or civil partnership.”

“This would mean that you could execute a Will now, before the postponed date of your upcoming nuptials and it would be drafted to include special provisions to ensure that after your marriage or civil partnership, the Will was not revoked.”

This could be the ideal time to get this important task ticked off the ‘to do’ list’ giving peace of mind that you and your family are protected by a Will that reflects your wishes.

Given the uncertainty of the Covid-19 Pandemic, no one knows what the future may hold for couples who had planned to marry or form a civil partnership in 2020. By making a Will in contemplation of marriage now you can be at ease knowing that your Will is in place for the now, but also for once you have married.

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