Worcestershire home movers quick on the draw as Stamp Duty holiday deadline looms

There’s never been a better time or place to be moving house than right now and in Worcestershire.

The comments come after new research revealed that the county is the fastest in the UK for completing house sales.

And this speed could help thousands of householders who are hurrying to save small fortunes by exchanging keys before the Stamp Duty holiday closes at the end of March.

The new research commissioned by Emoov, the online estate agent, shows Worcestershire as the quickest place to complete a sale.

Its analysis of four years’ worth of data on the fastest and slowest moving property markets across the UK revealed that it takes an average of 164 days in Worcestershire from offer to completion.

This compares with a sluggish 208 days in parts of London, 200 days in Surrey and 199 days in Oxfordshire, with everywhere else in the UK somewhere in between.

Julian Field, Director in the Property department at Thursfields, said: “In short, moving house in Worcestershire is giving homeowners a real head start to beat the Stamp Duty holiday deadline.

“But – and this is a big caveat – that does not mean that people seeking completion in this county should relax or take their foot off the pedal to complete as soon as possible.

“They should make sure that all the professional services, from estate agents to solicitors, are working hard on their move, targeting completion dates and acting with urgency to make sure that everything comes together in time.”

Julian added: “Here at Thursfields, we always work with customers’ best interests in mind and will deal with the land registry, stamp duty charges and payments, drawing up and assessing contracts, providing expert legal advice as well as excellent customer service.”

Anyone wanting advice on house moves can contact Thursfields’ conveyancing experts on 0345 20 73 72 8, email info@thursfields.co.uk or visit thursfields.co.uk/conveyancing-calculator for a quote.

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