Thursfields helps Time Etc to grow HQ in Birmingham

Thursfields Solicitors has helped a Birmingham company expand into larger offices due to the success of the firm during the pandemic.

Established since 2007, Time Etc Ltd provides on-demand executive assistants who provide administrative support to entrepreneur clients from their own homes on a part-time basis.

The business was started by founder Barnaby Lashbrooke and since 2007 has grown to a team of more than 600 people in the US and UK.

He said: “More than ever, demand for remote executive assistant support is very strong, as more and more businesses and entrepreneurs seek to work from home and avoid offices.  They still need support and it doesn’t make sense to try and hire full-time or locally now.” 

Year on year revenue growth has averaged around 20%.

Advised by Holly Kisiel, a solicitor in Thursfields’s commercial property team, Time Etc has moved into larger offices in Lyndon House, Edgbaston, swapping 2,088 sq ft on the 14th floor for new offices measuring 3,500 sq ft on the fourth floor.

She said: “The pandemic has forced businesses to work remotely and many are experiencing new ways of working and finding new ways of doing business and operating.

“Time Etc is very much a business of the time, perfect for the ‘new normal’ in 2020, as we adjust to remote working, video calling and maximising our time and efficiency.”

Barnaby Lashbrooke added: “We oversee and manage our entire business from our offices in Birmingham in the UK and it was time to upgrade and enhance the space available for our team, along with providing more space for growth over the coming five years. 

“While the virus has changed things, and many members of our office-based team are working remotely for the time being, we wanted to create the very best working environment for the team with plenty of natural light, space around each member of the team, incredible kitchen facilities and lots of spaces to meet and collaborate.”

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