Dragon’s Den Enterprise Day

Senior Associate, Lauren Hartigan-Pritchard, was pleased to be invited attend the Dragon’s Den Enterprise activity day, which was held at The Windsor Business Centre, Halesowen.

During the day students from Kingswinford School and Windsor School were asked to think creatively about designing their own product which would later be pitched to local business representatives (“the Dragons”) in a bid to win the notional investment of the day’s Dragons.

As a Dragon, Lauren was joined by other business representatives from Dunelm Business Consultants, Mooch Creative, Deutsche Bank and a representative from Windsor Alumni to assess the student’s presentations and decide on the product in which they would most like to invest.

Students delivered their presentations using their own style of media. Some students had creatively constructed a prototype using their engineering and ingenuity skills. All students had to present not only their idea but explain to the dragons who the target market was and why they felt there was a gap in that market. Finances were also analysed; students had to have a basic knowledge of the costs involved for the production of their product and use this information to agree the selling price and pricing strategies they would use. Advertising and marketing ideas were also an integral part of the business plan for launching the product. Students needed to convince the dragons that their idea was not only unique but also marketable.

After, a fun but exhausting day, the winning group was announced…Miami Kiss, the tanning hairdryer won the interest of the entire panel, with their excellent product and amazing sales pitch and superb business knowledge.

Lauren Hartigan-Pritchard commented:

 “I was really inspired by some of the innovative products that the students had created and also how they were able to convincingly sell those products, which had not even existed only a few hours before. I was also really impressed with the students understanding of finance and general commercial acumen. There are certainly some bright futures ahead for the students of Kingswinford School and Windsor School. ”

For further information about the event please contact Lauren Hartigan-Pritchard on 01905 677051 or lhartiganpritchard@thursfields.co.uk

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