Investors, as distinct from occupiers, now own £486 billion worth of commercial property in the UK

Investing in Commercial Property

Even during stable periods, where Interest Rates produce viable returns and the Stock Market provides a reliable income, prudent investors will look to diversify their investments to best manage the risks investment portfolios are exposed to.

During recent years investing in the “buy to let” residential market has been one method of diversification however increasing competition and recent legislative changes have made “buy to let” less attractive. As a result commercial property has come under increasing consideration by both large and small investors looking to spread their investments.

Different Types of Commercial Property

Generally speaking there are four categories, retail, office, leisure and industrial. The Q2 2018 figures recently published by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors suggest that the commercial property market remains robust. Whilst demand in the retail sector has weakened the demand for industrial and office space remains strong. Notably there are a number of localised “hot spots” through-out the country with Solihull being one of those.

The Local Market

Whilst the residential market in Solihull has long since been identified as great place to invest, the opportunities in the Borough’s commercial property market are becoming increasingly apparent to both large and small scale investors. With great transport links, including an airport, major employers, such as JLR and a highly skilled workforce the advantages of investing in Solihull are evident.

Solihull currently has around 8,200 businesses with economic output way ahead of the UK average. As it continues attracting businesses, both large and small, the demand for industrial and office space (of all sizes) is increasing.

Different Ways of Investing in Commercial Property

There are a variety of ways of investing in Commercial Property, from direct investments (purchasing all or part of a property) to investment via a fund or investment scheme.

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