Experience counts in times of challenge… Thursfields Solicitors

Nick O’Hara, the managing director of Thursfields Solicitors, has just celebrated 41 years at the company, and has no intention of letting the current pandemic stop the company’s expansion.

He began his career as a trainee solicitor at Thursfields and since then has held many different roles, climbing the ladder to lead the company since 2008.

Recalling how times have changed, Nick said: “My original contract of employment at Thursfields required me to own a suit comprising a black coat and waistcoat with striped trousers. You may be forgiven for thinking this was a contract from Dickensian times, but in fact this was the state of play in 1970s law firms. The world has moved on so much since then, as has the legal sector, and Thursfields has only continued to grow by making sure it keeps up with those changes.”

“That ongoing flexibility proves crucial at times of uncertainty like we’ve experienced in recent weeks, when being ready and able to take the long-term view can be so valuable. Economic crises come and go, markets and regulation change and shift, and yes, one day soon, a new normality will return once the current restrictions are lifted.”

Thursfields is currently assisting and advising many of its business clients to help them to cope with the current pandemic. Nick said: “For any business owner at this time, the impact of COVID-19 and market uncertainty is likely to require a re-think of their business planning. In the short term, it’s about making sure the finances stack up and communicating well with clients and colleagues alike. In the medium term, it’s about looking at what opportunities may have presented themselves and being sufficiently agile as a business to respond to changing market forces.”

“As a progressive law firm, we had already embraced flexible and agile working. The recent pandemic just required us to scale up our efforts which, thanks to our dedicated IT colleagues, we were able to do at pace.

“Lawyers have had to adapt their interaction with clients, making use of virtual meetings and more electronic communications, but this has been well received and clients have appreciated the speed and efficiency of working this way.”

Mr O’Hara added: “The breadth of our legal practice means we can advise on whatever our clients need – from Wills to Commercial property contracts, from Employment to Family law, and from corporate decision-making to commercial disputes. And while the entire marketplace adapts, our experts continue to provide guidance in agriculture, charities, energy and healthcare sectors, as well as in new homes, retail and leisure, and telecommunications.”

Contacts for legal advice in all areas can be found at thursfields.co.uk.

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