Thursfields Talk Legal: free webinar discusses mergers and acquisitions | Corporate Law

The important legal steps a company or individual needs to take when buying or selling businesses will be discussed in Thursfields Solicitors’ latest webinar next month.

Philip Chapman, a director in the Corporate department, will host the free Talk Legal webinar at 10am on Wednesday 1 July.

Philip will introduce the webinar live on Zoom, will then play a short vidcast on the correct process to follow to make an acquisition or sale secure for all parties, before returning to the screen to answer any questions.

The session is expected to last around 20 minutes, including any questions, and attendees will leave knowing everything they need to do next when considering mergers and acquisitions.

Philip said: “Mergers and acquisitions can involve different types of transactions for either shares or assets, and all sorts of important legal documents.

“There’s also a detailed process to follow from the initial meetings to the heads of terms agreements, and then due diligence, contracts, final prices and the eventual sale.

“This webinar will outline all this in easy to understand language, explaining the reasons behind the necessary elements of liabilities, warranties and potential indemnities.”

He added: “The eventual result is a final signing of documents and even an occasional chinking of glasses of bubbly to celebrate the deal, but to get there is a complicated process that Thursfields can make easier for all involved.”

Thursfields launched its new Talk Legal series of webinars during the COVID-19 lockdown to ensure the company was able to continue its regular free workshops for businesses and the community.

Nick O’Hara, managing director at Thursfields, said: “Our Thursfields Talk Legal series is a great way to help inform people about the steps they may need to take if they have a legal issue.

“The lockdown has had a paradoxically positive result in that almost everyone now uses Zoom, which means we’ve been able to record an expanding series of vidcasts on different legal topics to use in webinars featuring our lawyers directly speaking to people live online.”

People can register for Thursfields’ latest Talk Legal webinar here:

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