Dispute Resolution

In future months our team of experts will upload to this website specific articles giving tips and updates on the handling of disputes. We are uniquely placed to point out hot topics and point out potential problems for businesses, giving tips where possible, so please watch this space.

For this first article on our new website, we simply give an overview of our services. Our commercial dispute resolution team has over 50 years of combined experience in dealing with disputes and our goal is to solve your problem with the minimum of disruption and expense to your business.

That is why we are always keen to negotiate and mediate wherever possible before things get out of hand – we take a pragmatic approach to disputes and our advice is rooted in commercial common sense backed up with legal know-how and experience.

This is backed up by our personable and constructive attitude to the help that we give to our clients. We aim to be user friendly, not stuffy and old fashioned, and avoid the use of legal jargon wherever we can. We speak to you in plain English and give you real world commercial advice and guidance.

What areas do we specialise in? Some specific areas are mentioned below, but we can generally handle any type of commercial dispute because the experience we have had in different sectors, acting for clients who are engaged in a wide range of industries helps us to find a solution.

We also have a wide network of contacts at the Bar and with Experts which enables us to call in expert technical input wherever that is needed. This in turn gives us an insight into the thinking on all sides of a dispute, not just our own client’s point of view and helps us to find solutions which all can agree with.

We have particular experience in commercial contract disputes, as well as consumer problems. We routinely deal with shareholder and partnership disputes, and can guide you through the necessary process if a professional adviser has let you down. We also deal with financial disputes, with business associates, customers, bankers or funders.

Specific areas of expertise include Intellectual Property disputes, and also Franchise problems, both of which are areas in which disputes are becoming more commonplace and contentious. We cannot emphasis enough the need to seek our advice at the earliest possible stage if disputes arise in these areas – they are complex and can turn into ruinously expensive problems if early guidance is not sought.

Remember that we are here to assist you if a problem arises, and you can contact us by email or by telephoning Tim Lawrence on 01905 677055, Stephen Rome on 0121 726 8782 or Daniel Tetsell on 01905 730462.

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