Thursfields Support Business Advice in Local School

Hollie Styles, Family Lawyer at Thursfields, assisted King Charles 1 High School in Kidderminster with some business advice to their year 7 and 8 pupils.

Hollie was delighted to be involved in the Young Enterprise day at the school where children were given the opportunity to experience business trading and explore the decision making processes involved in running a business.

Hollie said “to attend for the day and to see the children creating their own businesses and names to choosing how to buy their first beads was really interesting. They were spoken to about employees, pay and bank accounts and all were keen to play a part. The children thrived in the arena with buying beads and thinking of new and inventive sales techniques to ensure that the buyers bought their product. It was brilliant to see and be a part of. They considered different designs for different markets and the individual marketing that would be required for a specific bracelet.”

The children experienced mooting real life difficulties and decision in business. The children worked together really well to think of ways to increase the profit in their business and ensure that they reached their target market.

Hollie also delivered a seminar to the children about her personal achievement of becoming a lawyer with the family team at Thursfields and the importance of attaining good grades. This was welcomed by the students and the teachers as some of the students will already be considering the routes that they wish to take when they leave school. “To have an opportunity to assist the children in understanding all of the options available and the core subjects which are vital in our business was lovely” Hollie commented.

One of the teachers from King Charles 1 High School commented in relation to the seminar “the pupils really enjoyed your talk and have been inspired to do well. Thank you so much.”

Thursfields have an Education Sector which specialises in legal advice for educational establishments and is proud to support the local community surrounding all of its offices. The head of the Education Sector is Lauren Hartigan-Pritchard who can be contacted at

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